Domestic Status Events:
-        If one applicant is a resident in your town, the other applicant does not need to provide proof of residency, regardless of being a NJ resident or not.  If both applicants reside outside of NJ, then neither need to provide proof of residency, but they must have their event in the same municipality in which they apply.  All applicants must show proof of identity in the form of a valid, government (not necessarily US govt) issued photo ID.
-        If an applicant has a driver's license with one address but states they reside in another town and show you proof of that address, it voids out the driver's license.  Conflicting addresses are not permitted.  The applicant must either update their driver's license or provide a different form of ID, such as a passport with the additional document proving residency.
-        When couples apply, registrars cannot require birth certificates or divorce decrees.  Unique scenarios may allow for the request to see either, but the applicants are responsible for providing their birth and parent information as well as date and location of divorce.  The information is what is required, not the documents.
-        Upon issuing a license, only items 1 and 2 (Full name of Spouse A and B) should be completed for the top section AND the entire bottom portion should be completed.  Please do not enter in place of ceremony, witness information, or officiant information because that information may change.

-        All new amendments must be completed on the new Universal REG-34 forms, except for VIP amendments.
-        Do not create acronyms for field items, ie- MOB Maiden Name = mother of bride maiden name.  Other government agencies will not accept this language.  In an effort to properly notate the item, indicate the field # and the field name.  You may abbreviate the field names, just do not create acronyms.  You should use lower case type to preserve space and/or use a second line if need be.

Certified copies:
-        The informant and surviving spouse listed on a death certificate are not eligible for certified copies based on the status listed on the record.  They still need to show proof of relationship through marriage and birth certificates, the same as anyone else would have to prove eligibility.
-        Local Registrars, Deputy Registrars and Alternate Deputy Registrars are the only staff allowed by law to issue certified copies of vital records.  Sub-registrars cannot issue certified copies of any vital records. 

-        Registrars cannot create their own forms on paper or online.  Any form that our office creates must be the only version used.  Offices that have created their own version of various forms, are not in compliance with OVSR.  You may visit our website and see the current revision date of each form you need.
-        Please immediately shred any homemade forms or outdated forms and begin using state issued forms.
-        NEW FORM- REG-14 - Disinterment-Transit Permit is now available online with password OVSR  You cannot order this form from the state any more.